TYPOlight is a Content-Management-System (CMS) which I discovered some time ago as part of a university project. A CMS allows the user to create and maintain a website via a user friendly interface.

Since I discovered TYPOlight I am excited about it and I already used it on several occasions. It as a lot of advantages, such as:
  • clear structure
  • easy usability
  • creation of W3C-conform code
  • accessibility
  • quick development
  • professional rights management
  • UTF-8 as only character set
  • and much more
One of the best features is the easy development of own modules. With that it is possible to create functionalities which are not originally supported by the system.

Who now expects a simpler version of the well known CMS Typo3 is wrong. With Typo3, TYPOlight only has the "typo" in the name in common, not much else. As Typo3 is more suitable for big projects, TYPOlight has its strengths when it comes to small and medium sized websites. A good saying in this regard is: "When you have that you are to breaking a butterfly on a wheel when using Typo3, use TYPOlight!"

TYPOlight is published under the LGPL and runs on PHP5.

Please don't get me wrong: with TYPOlight websites don't just create them selves, but it makes it much more easier to develop and maintain them, especially when the people maintaining the site have little or not knowledge regarding programming and web development. But the target group for the system itself are clearly experienced web developers.