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Since the fall of 2005 I have been studying "International Media and Computing" at the University of Applied Sciences (FHTW) in Berlin. In the summer of 2008 I finished my Bachelor degree and have since continued to study for the Masters Degree. I really like my studies and it is precisely what I imagined it to be. What I really like about this course is that the content of teaching is quite practice-orientated and the many projects we did over the past semesters. Here is a small selection:

- a simple route planner with automated reading of online map material and with shortest path search in Java (2. Semester: Computing 2)

- a 15 minute short film about a self chosen topic with focus on cutting and special effects: We did a teaser for a fictive triller. We still work on the website for this teaser and I will link it here as soon as we publish it. (3. Semester: Technology of Media 2)

- a program for lost less compression of images with a self developed compression algorithm and simple image editing functions in Java (3. Semester: Technology of Media 2)

- a simple server based Black-Jack-Game with up to 3 parallel players in JavaEE (3. Semester: JavaEE)

- Major Project: Creating a website about "Digital Identification for Photopapers" with a digital Identification Parcous, a Central Archive for Photopapers and extensive User Accounts. Done in PHP with TYPOlight. (4. Semester: Projekt)

- Conception and prototype development of a 3D Game: we did a 3D version of the classic game "The Incredible Machine". The 3D Objects where created in Maye, the programming of the game itself was done with OpenGL and C++. (4. Semester: collaborative project of the coursed Human-Computer-Interaction (Concept), Visualisation (3D-Models) and Software of Media (Game Environment))

jAlbum LogoAs part of my study course I did a 4 month international internship in Stockholm with a company called JAlbum. The company develops a program with which you can create, manage and publish photo albums for digital photographs and it only takes a few clicks to publish them online, for other people to see. You can show those albums via their server or on your own server, since the program generates static HTML-pages which then can be uploaded to any web server.
My job was to write plug-ins for that program with which one can edit the images, such as reducing the brightness or increase the contrast of an image.

- Reproducing the classical game Pacman with additional Artificial Intelligence for the ghosts (optical and acoustical perception, path finding, group coordination, heuristical analysis of the players movement) (6. Semester: Artificial Intelligence for Games)

- Program for generating Sudoku puzzles which distributes the needed calculation effort over several computers in the network. (6. Semester: Distributed Systems)

On some of the projects I might release additional information (descriptions, screenshots and downloads) on own sub pages of this one.