The current version is Notes 1.0 (22. September 2007).


Notes is a TYPOlight Module with which the user can write small notes on their homepage. They are editable and deletable via the front-end. The notes will be sorted in order of their creation. Line breaks and HTML are currently not supported.


  • saves several notes
  • notes can be created, edited and deleted via the front end
  • automatic vertical scroll bars for notes which are too long
  • automatic horizontal scroll bars for notes which are too wide
  • automatic arrangement of the notes depending on the browser width


The module Notes can be downloaded via the TYPOlight Wiki.


  • copy the content of the archive in the folder 'system/modules' of your TYPOlight installation
  • run the script /typolight/install.php to update the data base


Screenshot of several notes
Screenshot of several notes

Ideas for future versions

  • German localisation
  • Support of line breaks
  • Support of HTML
  • Sort notes after a user defined property